Benefits of an energy efficient home

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Improved comfort and health

An energy-efficient home, properly ventilated with an air-tight building envelope, will eliminate drafts, dampness, and mold hazards. The air will be healthier. You will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. And even a minor adjustment of the thermostat will produce a noticeable difference.

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Lower energy bills

High-efficiency heating and cooling equipment, paired with an efficient building envelope, requires much less energy to heat and cool a home. This will significantly reduce your monthly and annual operating costs — leaving you with more to spend on other enjoyments in your life.

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Reduced noise

Peace and quiet. A well insulated home, air-tightness, and high-efficiency windows can substantially reduce unwanted outdoor noise. This is especially beneficial for homes built in busy or noisy areas and for individuals who enjoy peace and quiet, or perhaps find themselves working from home in these changing times.

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Added home value

An energy-efficient home adds resale value. Coupled with lower energy costs, newer windows and doors, and high-efficiency lighting and appliances also look great to home buyers. And investments in renewable energy like solar panels can pay off for years to come.

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Good for the environment

Our homes are a significant source of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in Canada. An energy efficient home lowers energy consumption, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and will shrink your carbon footprint significantly. And that's a good thing — no matter where you live.

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