Home retrofit rebates: Enbridge / Canada Greener Homes

Get up to $10,600 (Now Closed) to improve your home's energy efficiency

In Ontario the Canada Greener Homes rebates and the provincial rebates have been combined into the Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate Plus (HER+)

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Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate Plus (HER+)

This grant program now closed

The Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate Plus and Canada Greener Homes Grant programs have been closed as of February 5, 2024, due to a federal lapse of funding. The Canada Greener Homes Loan program remains open to new applicants until further notice.

The Government of Canada intends to establish a next phase in their Canada Greener Homes Initiative. More information can be found in their news release. Enbridge also intends to establish a new incentive program in Ontario.

We will continue to update our rebate pages as new updates become available.

Former available rebates

Home energy assessments

Up to $600

A required first step to determine which upgrades are right for your home.

Home insulation

Up to $10,000

Improve comfort, reduce energy costs and prevent moisture damage with attic, foundation, wall and exposed floor insulation.

Air sealing

Up to $1,300

Eliminate drafts, improve air quality and save energy with draft proofing.

Windows and doors

Up to $325 for each

High-performance windows prevent condensation and eliminate drafts.

Space and water heating

Up to $7,800

ENERGY STAR® certified hot water heat pumps use up to 70 percent less energy. Ground source, air source and domestic hot water heat pumps qualify.

Smart thermostats

Up to $125

Boost comfort and reduce costs by saving energy automatically.


Up to $5,000

Generate your own power and reduce dependence on the grid. Solar panels and batteries qualify.


Up to $1,650

Protect your home from climate change events, such as fires and floods.

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