Durham Greener Homes Webinar

Understanding Heat Pump Benefits for Climate, Cost, and Comfort

A webinar by Durham Greener Homes and Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program (STEP)

The call for more effective ways to reduce our carbon emissions in Canada and continuously involve homeowners in the race to mitigate the impacts of climate change has drawn a lot of attention to innovative and practical home energy retrofit technologies like heat pumps.

Thanks to their versatility in heating and cooling homes, heat pumps have, in recent years, grown in popularity. In Ontario, where most buildings are heated with natural gas that releases carbon emissions during combustion, which increases climate risks, switching to climate-friendly heating alternatives like heat pumps has become crucial.

This webinar by Durham Greener Homes and Toronto and Region Conservative Authority's Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program (STEP) delves into the nitty-gritty of heat pump technology and why they are one of the most raved-about home energy retrofit technologies.

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