What is an energy efficient home

Any home can be an energy-efficient home

Any home, no matter when it was built, can be energy-efficient. Modern construction standards do create more energy-efficient newer homes, but older homes can be upgraded to improve their energy performance as well. And, no matter where we live, we can all practise energy-efficient habits.

Top 9 Features of an energy efficient home

  1. Air sealing (around windows, doors, electrical outlets, vents).
  2. Well insulated (walls, attic, basement).
  3. High-performing ENERGY STAR® windows and doors.
  4. High-performing or ENERGY STAR® equipment (furnace, air-conditioner, water heater).
  5. High-performing ENERGY STAR® heat pump (an energy-saving heat pump can replace both your furnace and air-conditioner).
  6. ENERGY STAR® appliances (fridge, stove, clothes washer, dryer).
  7. LED or ENERGY STAR® lighting.
  8. Low-flow faucets and toilets.
  9. Personal energy-saving habits.

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